Donate today, and support our goal to empower school adolescents for heart health, across Nepal.

Donations are gratefully accepted in the form of cheque or cash or bank transfer. Please contact us to make a donation.


BISHES is trying to reach adolescents across Nepal with safe, sustainable, intervention modules proven in preventing the five primary risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. So far it has reached out to the teachers and students of 27 government schools in 4 provinces covering Ilam, Jhapa, Tanahun, Jumla, Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts. This year it is scheduled to visit more locations.

With your help, we can expand this outreach program and empower our kids with tools to make healthier choices early on, and save them from the epidemic of tragic untimely deaths. It is preventable, there is no excuse not to try and prevent it.

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